Who is Isabel Abdo?

I am fashion lover. For over 30 years, I have dedicated myself to this passion both personally and professionally.

My great weakness is the stiletto. How can a single garment have such a transformative power? I believe that with a good pair of heels, a woman has the power to transform any dull look into one of sophistication.

I have been fortunate enough to try many shoes from different brands, which has enabled me to extract their best qualities and create the perfect stiletto.

My shoes are timeless, they don’t fall prey to trends. They are ideal for 24/7 use as a result of their artisanal elaboration with materials of outstanding quality. Additionally, the shoe’s interior is reinforced for maximum comfort.

My goal with this very personal project has been, on the one hand, to achieve the best possible form, which I have accomplished as a result of both my experience in the industry and the fantastic team of craftsmen I work with; and on the other hand, that all women can access quality heels and an affordable price.

A good pair of stilettos empower woman whatever she is doing...

All my shoes are made in Spain with top quality materials and a handmade process.



Authentic artisan shoes Made in Spain

And the seahorse...

The seahorse is a unique species, and not only because of its rare equine shape. Unlike other aquatic inhabitants, they are monogamous and their partners last for life. It is one of the few species in which the male incubates the eggs that will soon be his offspring. His apparent fragility shows his unique and particular personality and elegance.

I have always adored this extravagant creature. For me it is a symbol of commitment.

I hope that his power of seduction becomes a story of complicity and fidelity that makes you enjoy forever our shoes.

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