Payment is made by credit card, which must be active to carry out transactions over the Internet.

Once the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email indicating the number of your order. If you do not receive it, we recommend you check your email spam folder. In the event that you have not received it in said folder either, please contact our customer service department through isabelabdo@isabelabdo.com



Economy (48 hours): Free.

Premium (24 hours): €5.


Contact by email: isabelabdo@isabelabdo.com


Major Island: €9.46*

Smaller Island: €11.36*

*Maximum 10kg. For larger orders write to info@isabelabdo.com

Delivery time: between 48 and 72 hours.


Tiempo (días laborales) Hasta 3 pares de zapatos Más de 3 pares de zapatos*
Alemania 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
Austria 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
Bélgica 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
Bosnia 6-10 días 32 € 55 €
Bulgaria 5-6 días 32 € 55 €
Croacia 5-6 días 32 € 55 €
Dinamarca 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Eslovaquia 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Eslovenia 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Estonia 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Finlandia 4-6 días 22 € 42 €
Francia 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
Grecia 5-6 días 32 € 55 €
Holanda 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
Hungría 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Irlanda 4-5 días 20 € 40 €
Italia 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
Letonia 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Lituania 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Luxemburgo 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
Noruega 4-6 días 32 € 50 €
Polonia 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Portugal** 2-3 días 8 € 20 €
Reino Unido 3-4 días 20 € 30 €
República Checa 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Rumanía 4-5 días 25 € 50 €
Serbia 6-10 días 32 € 55 €
Suecia 4-6 días 20 € 40 €
Suiza 4-5 días 20 € 40 €


*Limit 15 pairs of shoes. For higher purchase shipping prices consult isabelabdo@isabelabdo.com

*Shipments to Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, have a supplement of €15 on the general rate of the country.

*Customs formalities at origin included in the rates for non-EU countries (Taxes at destination and taxes excluded).

**For shipments to the Islands of Portugal write to isabelabdo@isabelabdo.com

These prices will be increased by the corresponding VAT.

Indicative transit times from origin to destination, without considering time invested in customs formalities.

Changes: the shipping price must be paid plus an additional €5.

Changes must be made from the same receiving country.


The order must be delivered within a period of one (1) to five (5) working days within the Iberian Peninsula, although our courier service usually delivers the packages within 24-48 hours once collected from our warehouse.

Considerations to keep in mind:

  • Orders in small towns may be delayed 24 hours more.
  • The transport company does not call before delivering. In case of not being able to deliver it, the package will be returned to our warehouse and the courier service will inform you by email of each unsuccessful delivery attempt.
  • Orders sent after 12:00, can be processed the next business day.


If you have received an order and you are not satisfied with any of the items, you can request an exchange for another product, as long as you meet the conditions detailed below.

Conditions for accepting returns

Isabel Abdo, by virtue of the provisions of the Retail Trade Regulation Law as well as that regulated by community regulations (Directive 97/7/CE), will not accept returns on the sale of merchandise that can be easily reproduced or copied and immediately. The return of any merchandise will require the agreement of both parties. Isabel Abdo reserves the right to demand compensation to compensate for possible damage suffered by the merchandise, as well as to recover the direct expenses caused by the return. Isabel Abdo will only accept the return of the merchandise if:

  1. Within the period established for this purpose by the Law (14 business days), the buyer exercises his right of resolution. Isabel Abdo will accept the exercise of the aforementioned right only and exclusively when the merchandise is in the same state in which it was delivered and ready for sale, with its corresponding original packaging and in perfect condition. Any product that has been opened and/or used will not be returned.
  2. If the merchandise is flawed or defective, according to the provisions of the Defective Products Law, Isabel Abdo will proceed to immediately replace the product with an identical one.
  3. Isabel Abdo will also proceed to exchange for another product when for reasons not attributable (whether direct or indirect) to her, she is unable to
  4. Isabel Abdo will accept the return of the merchandise when, for reasons attributable to her, the requested product does not correspond to the one requested by the client.

If you want a change in size or an alternative item, you will have to place a new order.

In case of controversy or conflict that may arise from the interpretation or fulfillment of these Particular Conditions of Purchase, they will be resolved before the Courts and Tribunals of Spain.

Steps to follow in case of return:

  1. Request your return via email to isabelabdo@isabelabdo.com within 14 business days from the date the order was received by from the courier company. Please include the order number and the reason for returning the item in the email.
  2. Once your return request is received, we will contact you. to indicate the steps to follow in said return.
  3. Then, and always within 5 working days from your request, our courier company will collect the item at the time you indicate. Transportation costs will be paid by the customer. If you prefer, you can send it with another courier or logistics company, freight paid by the customer.
  4. Then prepare the package to be picked up in its original packaging, and make sure that the labels have not been torn off and the item has not been used or tampered with. The return must meet these conditions to be accepted.
  5. Once the item is received at our offices and thoroughly inspected, we will send you an email informing you of the acceptance of the return.
  6. From this date, we have 30 working days to exchange for another product, except for transportation costs, both shipping and return, which will only be refunded if Isabel Abdo is responsible for the cause of the return of the product.
  7. If you do not meet any of these conditions, we will contact you to offer you the option of returning the items that have not been accepted. All expenses generated by this restitution, including the transport of these items, will be borne by you. If you do not accept this condition, Isabel Abdo may withhold the items and their amount.